Giclée Prints





Twin Palms


Egret in Marsh


Walk Along the Drive




Palm oil




Wild Mermaid

Colorful Fish

Colorful Fish

Lobster Ledge

Lobster Ledge


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  1. Gilceé prints come in sizes starting a 8×10 up to 40×60 inches. Prices vary depending on size and material. Prints are available in paper (rolled, will need to be framed) and canvas (gallery stretched and ready to hang on wall). Please contact me if you have any questions or would like a different size.

  2. Hi Alexandra! You probably won’t remember us but last year my first graders (Cape Fear Academy) and I toured EXPO 26 with you. We were so inspired by your artwork that we came back to school and did our own glow in the dark ocean art. We even set up a mini-darkroom in which to display it. Anyway, we are about to embark on our ocean/ocean pollution unit and are so sad that EXPO 216 has changed it’s theme. We are hoping that there may be another place to come see your fabulous artwork and have you talk to the kids about your experiences. One option is for you to come to CFA but we love getting off campus and exploring! We look forward to hearing from you!
    Gretchen Scoutelas

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