About Artist

Alexandra Morse is a mixed-media artist and scuba diver from Wilmington, NC. After years of scuba diving off the Carolina coast she combined her interests of being in the ocean and creating art. Using materials collected underwater she creates shark teeth jewelry and three-dimensional paintings. Many of her pieces include recycled plastic and ocean debris collected on land and offshore. Morse hopes to inspire others through her art to help in the reduction of single-use plastic products that eventually find their way to our oceans. She uses her art as a way to raise awareness of the beauty around us, in the hope of leaving something with you as you explore this vivid underwater world with her.

Currently Alexandra works as a Captain and scuba diver @WestonCollections. She is also converting a Ford Transit van into her home on wheels. She plans to take the show on the road with her Australian Shepherd mutt named River, creating art and sharing her love of the ocean. You can follow their progress on Instagram @vanchicas.