About Artist

Alexandra Morse is a mixed-media artist and ocean lover from Wilmington, NC. She grew up near Hewlett’s creek, surfing and sailing around Wrightsville Beach. Always artistic growing up, she started painting at a young age. She began SCUBA diving in her early 20’s and was finally able to visit the scenes she loves to paint. After collecting bucket loads of fossilized shark teeth off the coast of NC, she combined her interests and started making jewelry and paintings with the shark teeth and other materials collected underwater.

In her paintings she focuses on using plastics that eventually find their way to the ocean. There is no shortage of plastic materials to use in the art she creates. Alexandra hopes to inspire others through her art to make changes in how they consume disposable plastic. She uses her art as a way to raise awareness of the beauty around us, in the hope of leaving something with you as you explore this vivid underwater world with her.