Blast from the Past


February 2013

Artist finds inspiration, materials while exploring the world beneath the waves , by Kim Henry

“Wilmington is bursting with talented and innovative artists. Alexandra Morse is adding her own unique spice to the artistic pot. Her multimedia creations are deeply inspired by the ocean and overflowing with vibrant colors, textures and imagination.”


Lumina News

July 2013

Alexandra Underwater , by Sam Wilson

“Reflecting a life spent surfing, sailing, paddleboarding and diving in the Cape Fear region, Alexandra Morse’s paintings chart the undersea worlds of the Carolina coast. Or put another way, they document what is, for her, just another day in the office.”

Lumina News

October 2013

Artist’s nautical paintings come alive in the dark  , by Sam Wilson

“During the opening of local artist Alexandra Morse’s “Art in the Dark: Under the Surface” at the Art Factory, the lights suddenly went out, revealing a wall of bioluminescence shining blue and green from the darkness.”



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  1. Very genuine like you Alex! Your art work is beautiful and I am proud to say that I have purchased several of your shark teeth jewelry masterpieces!

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