Wrightsville Beach, NC

   and surrounding area of southeast NC.

Originals for sale.

Sea creatures glow in the dark. Please contact me for more information and purchasing options. 


Humpback Whale with Baby, 2016

Mixed media, plastic, acrylic, glow 48”24” $1,150

The entire canvas is wrapped in plastic grocery bags and painted with acrylic paints; the mother whale and baby are both full of plastic grocery bags and covered with papier-mâché. The mother has a marble for her eye and the baby’s eye is the center of a plastic medical cap. They are outlined in glow in the dark paint and sealed with an archival gloss varnish.


Squid and Bubbles, 2016
Mixed media, acrylic, glow, 20”x10” $180

Canvas wrapped in plastic grocery bag and painted with acrylic, a squid made of grocery and Ziploc bags swims through plastic-acrylic bubbles. Marbles are the squid’s eyes. Sealed with an archival grade varnish.



Baby Turtle in Sargassum Grass , 2016

Mixed media, acrylic, glow 20”x20” $280

A baby sea turtle made of plastic bubble wrap and papier-mâché is swimming up to inspect a plastic grocery bag floating in an island of Sargasso grass. The eye of the turtle is a marble. Sealed with a gallery grade archival varnish.



Mini Sea Turtles and Plastic Jugs, 2016

Mixed media, acrylic, glow 7”x5” $95   SOLD

Three baby sea turtles swimming up to a line of plastic jugs and trash on the surface. The turtles are made from plastic packaging wrapped in papier- mâché. The floating trash and plastic jugs are cut from recycled plastic food containers. Sealed with a gallery grade archival varnish.


Electric Ledge, 2015

Mixed media, acrylic, glow 7”x5” $80   

Jelly swims up to ledge with sea urchin and sea cucumber. The jelly is made from an old light bulb and plastic packaging with papier- mâché. Sea urchin made with toothpicks and sea cumber made with recycled spiked toy. Background paint of sea weeds coming out of ledge resembles purple lightening. Sealed with a gallery grade archival varnish.